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Gallery that has a variety of art mediums and almost all it is inspired by anime in someway. Also fan art is included.

I like to mix things (majorally unlike things) as if you haven't notice (example 9 years old and therapist). I hope you enjoy my random crap that goes in and out of my brain and into my art work. :D

Disclaimer: All characters are mine, and all fanart belongs to the original creators. Characters of mine may be allow to be used as some fanart, as long its not in a sexual presentation.



I have a love for alot of styles since being active for at least a year. I do like animations from japan, however I like painterly styles, ones with vibrant hues, and composition that has harmony as well. Photography if it has sploches of colors and a glowy feel to it, I will fav. Also I will fave things for reference I might use in the future. But other then these, there isn't a specific style I like.

*I warn u all Im a fav whore XD. Eventually later I may or may not comment.




Bear Penguin Inktober #1 by narutokunobessed
Bear Penguin Inktober #1
Look who is finally joining the Inktober bandwagon. I don't know if I can do the full 31 right now though, but Ill do whatever I can. I do have a ton of drawing ideas  in my imagination volt. 

This was inked from a drawing challenge from AAU's Ideation club, and we had to come up with a monster that lives in the arctic. They showed a few pokemon on the photo references, so kind of got inspired. Tis a bear penguin.

I really went thick with sharpies and pigma senseis on this. XD
Hey guys, well if you haven't read the title, (which you all should have), I have alot of problems pushing a project to the last minute. I admit it.  My current collab with one project is pretty much broken because I went silent for weeks. It was an easy task of character design, but I think at the time, even though it was easy, my mindset during the summer was not in the right place. It kind of felt like the last journal I had, but not as bad.
Premium Day and ThoughtsHello Deviants!. Suprised by the Journal SKin. Its free premium day! So yea, get out your art, and journal skins, and get really prepared. Cause you want to use the mass uploading system right now.Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] 
2nd thing I want to get off. Im going to San Jose Fantasy Fair as Fi with my friend. You know just like last year at this other Ren Fair.
Actually not really. That one takes farther away then SJ. But this year, well different location, same idea. If you want to see us, come on down, to San Jose this Saturday. Tickets to get into the fair are right here:
Lastly, i wanted to get off, sorry for not posting alot of updates. This is pretty much where the title thoughful comes in. Lately, for me, I have been having alot of issue trying to sit down and do my work. I never feel li

Since school started, I think, even though I procrastinated some projects, Ive work a little harder. I think my mindset has overcome a bit and I feel this is going to be a better semester. Im being taught under the Illustration department's director Chuck Pyle and I think he is a great teacher. He doesn't tell you everything is bad actually in critiques and he is also a great semi voice actor. Its still nerve wracking a bit when he walks behind me, but I rarely give up even when I hated how I was drawing. It kind of still feels like the same as my other teachers, but I still learn bits of drawing about it. My other teacher is Tom Ellsworth, which he is interesting, because he is obsessed with C3PO, and is a vector artist. He also has a nice personality.

I feel though the only freedom I seek is to really get kicked out of my house and having a side job. What is draining me in my mind for myar work is being responsible, and being reminded everyday to get a job.  Parents always have that mindset sometimes to be in control and I can't escape that from my head when doing my work. Its only because I keep spending money to go to Cons, to go to School, and so on instead of being responsible or at least the money I spend is equal to responsibility.  And Tiger parenting isn't making things better.  Or its balancing I'm doing it just for that parent vs what I want to do for a job. 

Speaking of Cons, I recently sort of host Gorillaz which again I procrastinated on my costume AND TOTALLY MISSED MY GATHERING I created. But it was fun reguardless and Im happy that 2D stuck out and hung with me. And notice, where we are. Its Kraken con on an WarShip. I would also like to thank  Helen's Wig for saving my butt. She was great to get me the right wig to chop up and she also gave the wig to me for 40  instead of 60 after telling her about Epic Cosplay's price tag. If I ever need a wig, Im going to Helen's or Epic cosplay which ever comes first.

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Head Practice by narutokunobessed
Head Practice
This was an assignement to basically pratice with strokes along with other items we practice before.

I choose groot because he is pretty fun to add  and because alot of samples were silly.

Hooked on a feeling :P.
Proud to announce free masks. Want one? Get them after the Gorillaz @
Kraken Con Gathering. We will use these to make silly photos first. Hurry, Kraken con is tommorrow!

Main FB page:…
Tiki Mandala by narutokunobessed
Tiki Mandala
This was a class assignment I had too much fun with. Though it was easy. These were mostly stock images and it was mainly for practice in how to make copy and pasting easier. I had soo much  fun, I skipped my lunch

Class: Illustration 3: Vector and Interactive Vector
Program: Adobe Illustrator CS6


Carissa Fei
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
"I do things because its the internet."
Name(s): Carissa (Sauchan) Fei, Rikako Kawashi, or Mae
Age: 21
Interests: manga, anime, watching funny videos on youtube, video games, drawing, painting
Favorites list:5cm per second, Tekkonkinkret, Hayao Myazak, Jrock, Jpop, KPop, soft music, rock, alternative, techno, Background music, soundtracks, Zelda Series, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry 3 (basically any hack and slash games XD), Angels, bible stories.
Favorite style of art: Anime, manga, realism, inbetweenism, painterly, Renaissance
Tools of the Trade: Adobe Design Suite CS4, Mechanical pencil, Acrylic and watercolor paints, inking pen, charcoal pencil, pencil

* Website:… (old and inactive)
* New Website and Portfolio:
Bitly link:
*Muro sketches:…
* Email:
* AIM: maeiounj39
* Yahoo: narutoneopetanimelove

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