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Gallery that has a variety of art mediums and almost all it is inspired by anime in someway. Also fan art is included.

I like to mix things (majorally unlike things) as if you haven't notice (example 9 years old and therapist). I hope you enjoy my random crap that goes in and out of my brain and into my art work. :D

Disclaimer: All characters are mine, and all fanart belongs to the original creators. Characters of mine may be allow to be used as some fanart, as long its not in a sexual presentation.



I have a love for alot of styles since being active for at least a year. I do like animations from japan, however I like painterly styles, ones with vibrant hues, and composition that has harmony as well. Photography if it has sploches of colors and a glowy feel to it, I will fav. Also I will fave things for reference I might use in the future. But other then these, there isn't a specific style I like.

*I warn u all Im a fav whore XD. Eventually later I may or may not comment.




You know when you hate when a company start to no longer have actually customer support. That's also facebook. You all know youtube is crap when it comes to community guidelines and they use only the forumula.

Facebook did a total turn around and did exactly the same thing. There is no help line or a way to contact facebook. They just give you a warning and then a total block. You can see things but you can't respond to anything.

My whole story is that a guy on Facebook posted an ad for cheap headphones. Many of use got caught in it and it was an obvious scam but we fell for it.  Then I tracked the name for a paypal account. and it traced back to facebook. Another user agree that he had simular accounts under dummy names.

Facebook deleted that post and sent me a warning. So after I reopend a case and ask them politely to rereview it. After that they issued a 1 day block.

I tried to ask why, but its seems like a bot message like we read the guidlines very slowly and stuff. Its an auto reply.

I could care if I live without facebook for a day, but this is attrocious behaviour. In hindsight maybe the guy who I was accusing was right, but there is soo much conspiracy, I can't do anything.
Its going to be official, I am going to graduate from AAU, and am an official Alumnai. My feelings, I am happy I am out, but I am not proud of every thing I did. Its a meh feeling.  Personally and deeply, I didn't work very hard at AAU. The first year I was cranking work out, but then slowly I retracted from trying anything, but then this semester, I've probably worked harder then the years I didn't.  It was during the years i didn't have work, and because my familly was paying for everything, it probably distracted me from working. My family encourage me to work, but not in the ways I wanted too. Add to the build up of distrust of political events happening. And this is where I wonder, should anyone pay for this. The thing about Art schools is usually teachers are no problems at all, its the system mostly. I don't find the assignments too difficult, they just really take alot of nights and time.  Its great to go to art school, but you have to wonder, why in the 4 years Ive been here, that we never updated our printers and servers til now? Why was CS6 taken down 3 weeks into the semester, and clearly teachers stated we got to keep it for free? One of my teacher's comments from anatomy was something along the lines of, you gotta bother them to get something done. And why, can't I find a simple button to get a student ID card, or close a class?  Or students joke how they pretty much distrust the student Aid centers. Or how there is legal reason they can't allow downloads from the school? Why is it that things are outdated on the site. 

Or it was probably I forget. In those waking moments, of grinding and procrastinating, the human mind can easily forget what it wants to do. I  try my best to say, all artist are human, and they are not perfect as we make them out to be. I need to be reminding of things that make art good for me.

In the end, I still thing art school is a competition lottery, but you can at least work for it under certain teachers to increase your odds get connections. 

Though, I found a bit of a leeway this semester. I had a teacher who worked in anime productions, and that was cool. I called him sempai on his birthday, and he smashed the like button. Italy, combined with many amazing Watercolor artists through youtube including Mushishi artist and even @Laaovan, I feel I have my focus back on gouche and watercolor. Its weird because I always wanted to do thick mediums.  I worked alot harder when I did my watercolor paintings. I found my love for my $15 Painter. And most of all, I think I have a new business partner, Jerry Chang. He was probably the only thing that really stuck out the whole semester and tried his best to make be appreciative of everything. I find it amazing, he never seems to get mad at anything. He so calm. I think we are in the talks of doing artist alley together. I just need to get the paper work together first. At least I appreciate the little things. 

I have future plans I want to do a bit:
Get a fun job to help pay bills and contribute to my parent's mortgage.
File paper work for my business name and tax forums for
    Saatchi's Artist gallery
    Artist Alley
Work through Hitrecord more.
Work on more watercolor and gouche pieces to update portfolio (my work is not focused enough)
Go back and finish Black fire.
Design wells fargo card.
Winter- NInjaTatsuya Hiroshi
Living near the mountains of Fuji, Tatsuya Hails the West. Just looking at the picture, you can see he is an idiot. Never respectable one bit. For one thing, why Tat Tat kun are you standing like that? Why are you wearing shortsleeves in the middle of a freezing pond or going out with Bare feet. He likes women too much. But then again hes comedy relief 101.

Laovaan  thanks for the critique during the Noctis stream, although I couldn't find the time to add the stuff you wanted.
Fall- Daiymo Lord Naokoto Yuudai
A head of the kingdom south majority of Tokyo, Lord Yuudai wields the power of fire. Powerful yet he does not speak, because of a law about an incedent many years ago and the demon within himself does not allow it. It was ruled that he learn sign language to speak to people.

It was hard to conceptualize what colors I want for this piece. It was between the highly saturated infrared photos with blue white, black and red, or foggy and black red, and purple. So I tried all three colors and I think that was my best compromised. Technically this piece is not finished, but I submitted it to printing anyway because my last day is tommorrow.

Also he is in the Sucide forest :)


Carissa Fei
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
"I do things because its the internet."
Name(s): Carissa (Sauchan) Fei, Rikako Kawashi, or Mae
Age: 21
Interests: manga, anime, watching funny videos on youtube, video games, drawing, painting
Favorites list:5cm per second, Tekkonkinkret, Hayao Myazak, Jrock, Jpop, KPop, soft music, rock, alternative, techno, Background music, soundtracks, Zelda Series, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry 3 (basically any hack and slash games XD), Angels, bible stories.
Favorite style of art: Anime, manga, realism, inbetweenism, painterly, Renaissance
Tools of the Trade: Adobe Design Suite CS4, Mechanical pencil, Acrylic and watercolor paints, inking pen, charcoal pencil, pencil

* Website:… (old and inactive)
* New Website and Portfolio:
Bitly link:
*Muro sketches:…
* Email:
* AIM: maeiounj39
* Yahoo: narutoneopetanimelove


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cool gallery! :D
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narutokunobessed Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2016  Student General Artist
Sorry for not responding yet. I was in Italy at the time and I don't really look into my messages as much as I used to.

Strangely, I actually don't love metal. I just have a liking for rock and just a few guitar hero music. And House of heroes.. My characters from black fire are mostly because I like the odd and weird sometimes, and combining the love for anime and Christianity a bit.  I think it might even be inspired by gorillaz a bit too. I want to create more interesting concepts for christian media a bit. 

But if you love to have them float your boat, I can be happy to include them in anyway.
UnicronWars Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Belated Happy Birthday, Carissa! :iconcakeplz:
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Oh thank you! 

I think i found you through the forums ( I can't remeber which though.)
BacusIllustrations Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
You're welcome! 
Thank you for noticing my posts in the forums! :D
LB-enzo Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This may sounds stupid coming from an anime fan but... what's an Otaku?
narutokunobessed Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015  Student General Artist
Otaku is equvalent to nerd in japan but its commonly view as negative word in japanese because of the Otaku murders, especially the word Hikkamori which is an equivalent to a shut in nerd.

Americans take Otaku as a positive connotation as if you were to say anime fan.…
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