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Gallery that has a variety of art mediums and almost all it is inspired by anime in someway. Also fan art is included.

I like to mix things (majorally unlike things) as if you haven't notice (example 9 years old and therapist). I hope you enjoy my random crap that goes in and out of my brain and into my art work. :D

Disclaimer: All characters are mine, and all fanart belongs to the original creators. Characters of mine may be allow to be used as some fanart, as long its not in a sexual presentation.



I have a love for alot of styles since being active for at least a year. I do like animations from japan, however I like painterly styles, ones with vibrant hues, and composition that has harmony as well. Photography if it has sploches of colors and a glowy feel to it, I will fav. Also I will fave things for reference I might use in the future. But other then these, there isn't a specific style I like.

*I warn u all Im a fav whore XD. Eventually later I may or may not comment.




Noah's Dream Keepers WIP by narutokunobessed
Noah's Dream Keepers WIP
These are the angelic lamb of the holiest host that contain all the memories and dreams of children. They are safe from the flood of darkness.

I want to thank Mushishi, the music of coldplay and super mario galaxy for calming me while painting this.

Advance Perspective
Theme: Noah's Ark
Elvin Wip by narutokunobessed
Elvin Wip
I love working in grey scale and then putting my colors on. Its soo much faster to finish. 

Still a wip because my teacher notice a few things that were out of proportion.
She also keeps telling me to use softer edges. 

And colors are off in certain areas.…
WIP2 Punk by narutokunobessed
WIP2 Punk
I added more clothing. My teacher also made improvements to a previous critique, but Il finish it next week.

For some reason painting hard edges on the clothes felt natural and it looks awesome!

Reference is from:
This is a entry about jobs and my life through out the semester. 

As you all recall I remember writing entries about my mood states and how Ive been. Its was the one with the naruto skin. I have been very stable and higher then any other semester. I am so glad I quite that one online class as the teacher was not doing anything for me. I have a job, and I love my classes. Its great to do thing differently when you felt like for years you haven't accomplished anything or I just felt something looming over me. With the job, my mental state has been better. I appreciate Baskin and Robbins for this and its been a ride!

As I move forward, I wasn't sure if I really want to write this. As a fair warning, I want to be honest and truth, but I don't want to spread rumors or hurt people. I just want to tell bare experiences, good and bad about my work place. I do honor these people and understand where they come from. As a person I know people are also different when they are at home then at work. If its a shift leader its on them. So keep that in mind that these people might be cool when they are not working, but they are just nervous because they are watched constantly by their boss.But I wanted to share for anyone seeing to work somewhere and it might help them when working with other. 

The great part is the flexibility my job has to offer. If I want some days off and Im also sick, my boss understands.

Hiring process is simple. Submit an application, and the interview is how well you can scoop ice cream. So far that went easy (that might differ from each store). 

And then free ice cream or one item depending on your shift leader.

You can eat anything they are about to throw away. If its mixed with another ice cream or they over make ingredients, you can drink it. I can do this and I'm not allergic to any ingredients, so Im not afraid to drink or eat left overs. 

Still job is a job. Its not always about being happy, but its about pleasing people. You have to please customers, work together. So some things that stick out the most for BR is they do train the employees before working, but even with training, I didn't memorize anything. So the organization of training employees is a bit of a mess. I was trained several times, but they did not provide me an employee handbook. I had to learn things my way and finally today I got to take the picture of the handbook. Although slowly I'm memorizing most of it because I did it a ton of times, still a few things allude me because customers don't order it that often.

Once an employees sees a beginner's mistake as a beginner, it is going to hold over you. I had this multiple occasions and that is scary. Once they see you make a mistake, they kind of think your going to do it again and so they have to be 10x harder and more commanding. You can't really do much especially when its reported to your boss. You just have to move on and do it better.

An employee who only see that you need to clean after your self and help others to clean up. Its pretty much part of working together. 

Telephone to your boss. Basically, employees report to your boss on an employee saying I don't want to work with her. And then your boss tells you about it. I had also reports that my boss can mis-word things and accidentally stirr up drama. My guess is only because he is working with alot of high school and college students, so he only see problems from a boss perspective and not a personal perspective. So to me this is the most scariest thing I have about a work place is that unknowing what was actually said. I don't know what advice to trust or if my boss is saying things that are true. There might be grains of salt in there, but I don't know where it is. Its today my boss call me in and saying nobody want to work with anyone anymore. I feel like I don't know if its true because those employees I worked over a month ago and I've been working at this current store for months. Even down to the recipe, everyone learn the recipe handbook differently. 

Telling my parents is also part of the process. My parents always ask me how was my day and I don't know how to communicated to them sometimes, and they just end up giving me advice I don't want. Again understanding because parents are concerned with your well being, but its hard to tell em, because I never want to. 

Everything else is kind of minor and it doesn't bother me and is somewhat expected like a customer angry at me or a shift leader angry but only because he is stressed out with a giant amount of customers. I only had a two customer get really upset with me, but even when I make most of my mistakes for their food, the customers are pretty forgiving so far. And I could tell that my shift leader at one point was angry and stressed because of the things happened. 

I wrote this today only because my boss called me outside and I didn't know what it meant nor I know what was communicated between shift leader and boss. I don't have the right to know or Im not sure if I have the right to know, but i wish I could. Only thing to do is to work harder and do it better the next time I work. I only wanted to get my thoughts out because if I didn't, I would feel like I am in a state where I can't do anything about it. Again don't blame em, because they have their own fears and thoughts as well. I love these people are nerds and love comics and manga. I just almost broke down because of what was being said and getting it out at least makes me feel better. Hopefully we shall see how it goes and my mental state for this job. Ill try to give it a year a two and if not, Ill try applying to round 1 arcades where its a place I actually love. 

As semester is ending, Im excited about Italy and my Fanime. Im hoping to work at a booth at fanime and getting 14 an hour. That would be awesome only because I tend to just kill time with going to panel instead of panels I actually enjoy. Im also studying abroad, because I want to have a different perspective and time away from home I guess. My school education about the human body has gotten boring. I found joys of studying a newer subject like the animal body and going out to places to study them in their natural habitat. Locational plein air paint would be a new thing for me especially in the country that breathes art. Italy will be a place where I can finally grow with less distractions and hopefully a more supportive environment. Its this Im crossing my fingers about my job. Im gaining new experiences and telling my boss I'm leaving for a school in Italy is understanding but Im not sure what to tell him. Only time will tell.

Italy planning was a nightmare at first because I was coordinating with several people. The person in charge of finances did not respond very well, they do not give all the information in the beginning. My friend who is forgiving was also a flake and he misheard or didn't get the info he needed. My potential roomate dropped out because the class she wanted to take was dropped. But now its ok and everything else is sailing. I already submitted for housing and things, and my flight. I filled out the major forums. Nows it all about paying the other half of the land cost, appointment with the phone company and bank, and telling my boss and extra research to find.

Semester wise, Im not sure what to talk about. Its about again usual. I loved that I got to see all the animals and the ones that really loved me. I loved touching the horses, a serval cat, and my teacher's bunnies. Everyone is like therapy to me. My teacher for Elements of digital painting left early in the semester and I didn't know what it was or the next thing was the exact reason, but he works now at Industrial light and Magic. I love how laid back he was and he was very pushing and he help me alot. I feel I know how to do the halfway rule and see light differently and better than the foundations department.
 Our new teacher is good but she has problems speaking loudly. She is a great artist though and has worked with wizards of the coast and Ubisoft. She appreciated my painting I did for class and even the hair was a good start. My one online is great as my teacher is pretty laid back as well, though Im slacking my assignments a bit. I need to push more, but overall she is liking my work. Its a very laid back and easy class still today. As a bonus, Im learning more stuff then I could of recalled in Design and careers. Im glad I took this and I have to remeber to screen shot all this info because its about licensing your work and so it has the importance of copyright, and networking in it.

So hopefully after this year, I finally get my heart back and get something into the spring show.

And Im also addicted to Siren's Lament on webtoons. Its a guilty pleasure. I can't stay away. Normally I don't like bad boys, or romance because it annoys me and romance can get unChristlike for me. I love action and adventure and something that is just more fullfiling. For some reason, I can't deny this one. I can't stay away from the stares or the things he pulls on the girl. I can't stay away from any angle how he is appealing. Im so curious to what happens and there is a deeper message under it all.

Siren's Lament is free on webtoons:

Also happening is Im addicted to kingdom hearts unchained. Im at a stalemate where I can't go anywhere without munny or increasing keyblade cost. It was fun in april, but its starting to feel slow and sluggish only because of the items I need. As soon as I heard about KH unchained, I abadoned Miitomo. Im maeiounj on there I believe or my FB name, Carissa Fei.…

And eventually im going to return stronger for the game Im working with someone.

And well that's it. Hopefully something flies by and Ill be balanced again. See ya later internet.


Carissa Fei
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
"I do things because its the internet."
Name(s): Carissa (Sauchan) Fei, Rikako Kawashi, or Mae
Age: 21
Interests: manga, anime, watching funny videos on youtube, video games, drawing, painting
Favorites list:5cm per second, Tekkonkinkret, Hayao Myazak, Jrock, Jpop, KPop, soft music, rock, alternative, techno, Background music, soundtracks, Zelda Series, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry 3 (basically any hack and slash games XD), Angels, bible stories.
Favorite style of art: Anime, manga, realism, inbetweenism, painterly, Renaissance
Tools of the Trade: Adobe Design Suite CS4, Mechanical pencil, Acrylic and watercolor paints, inking pen, charcoal pencil, pencil

* Website:… (old and inactive)
* New Website and Portfolio:
Bitly link:
*Muro sketches:…
* Email:
* AIM: maeiounj39
* Yahoo: narutoneopetanimelove

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