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Gallery that has a variety of art mediums and almost all it is inspired by anime in someway. Also fan art is included.

I like to mix things (majorally unlike things) as if you haven't notice (example 9 years old and therapist). I hope you enjoy my random crap that goes in and out of my brain and into my art work. :D

Disclaimer: All characters are mine, and all fanart belongs to the original creators. Characters of mine may be allow to be used as some fanart, as long its not in a sexual presentation.



I have a love for alot of styles since being active for at least a year. I do like animations from japan, however I like painterly styles, ones with vibrant hues, and composition that has harmony as well. Photography if it has sploches of colors and a glowy feel to it, I will fav. Also I will fave things for reference I might use in the future. But other then these, there isn't a specific style I like.

*I warn u all Im a fav whore XD. Eventually later I may or may not comment.




Head on down on September 26 to the USS HORNET MUSEUM for Kraken Con for a Gathering you don't want to miss. Make sure you get your Dares, and Feel Good, because we are going to get Gorillaz up in this Gathering! Its my first to host such a gathering and I have fun fill plans in store for you fans!

The Gathering will last an hour. 

30-40 mins will be a photoshoot

The other half will be devoted to games, and perhaps if I get some good writers and volunteers, we can write an MP3 Murdoc Experiment together. Basically Simon says with Murdoc :0.

I though with the themes of Plastic Beach, environmentalist and war throughout all the albums, and rum the HORNET is in a awesome relationship! The Scenery is a match made in heaven, with the beautiful overlook of the SF Bay.

What are you waiting for, head on down for this fun filled event and also enjoy your day at Kraken Con.…
Hey deviants of all kinds. I just submitted my entry to Shonen Jump's Hokage for a day.

Hope you like it. I did lots of experimentation with this video including my first time diving deeper into after effects. Soo many buttons for that program.

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How long have you been on DeviantArt?
 8 but it feels like longer

What does your username mean?
If you haven't figure it out, yet, I don't know what planet you lived on. Its basically relates to the naruto fandom. Although I misspelled it and I am too lazy to change it.

Describe yourself in three words.
Fun loving Panda

Are you left or right handed?

What was your first deviation?
I think I had way earlier deviations then the one listed. DA had a really heavy Filtering system when I first logged in about sketches. So its hard to remeber now, but I actually believe it was the architectural buildings I drew for class.
Naruto characters by narutokunobessed

What is your favorite type of art to create?
Anime, cartoons, Impressionism, colorful, interesting and different characters, crossovers. I actually really enjoy random silly crossovers that fit well together like the Naruto Over the Garden Wall. Even though I do some realism art, I hate that I forget alot of anatomy and that I am copying a picture basically. I want to be away from that. But if its for the sake of the client, I don't mind a few realistic portraits now and then because I have the ability to do it fast and in my messy style.

Sometimes in between my lax periods, I like to create videos, and mostly gif making. I have a huge blog right now full of random and silly things.
If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I find this question difficult only because, I see art as just learning the basics and then choose what you want to learn. Your using what you know and then apply basically. That how I am free floating. I try various things out. So in the past, I got into film editing because of making AMVS, sound editing because of the previous and going to a sound editing class, Ive tried animation once and didn't love it, cosplaying for conventions, and now mostly I am an artist and painter. But I am putting some of that knowledge for my Hokage for a Day video. So in every day practical use, some of its useful some of it is not.…

Anyway, as a basic skill I feel though for style is strictness I feel or just knowledge towards what I need. Some of the styles like graphic design, motion graphics which, I respect and love, require lots of intricate tools to make it run faster. That's one downfall is that I do dig into the research of what I need, but I always feel there is something better and I dig deeper even though I don't like to do it. 

Alot of teachers at my art school don't like my style of sketch and wavy lines, and so eventually I need some control of my lines.

What was your first favorite?
I have to credit Naruto mostly because without it, I wouldn't be in these fandoms as much. I liked cartoons and video games before, but I like them even more because they are really good at story telling and as a Christian, I also believe in the potential of a good story.

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
I feel when its basically wows me. Typically its sometimes colorful/impasto/impressionistic paintings. While sometimes its the use of geometric shapes and it become very graphical with some colors which is why motion graphics amazes me sometimes. Or if you dig hard enough, there is always gold in Christian art. I am totally inspired by Adam and Dog, and Prince of Eygpt.

Alot of good anime and Japanese artist have this quality. Like Makoto Shinkai, Takashi Murakami and Mamoru Hosoda, Sugimoto Kousuke, Yasuhiro Yoshiura, and Hayao Miyazaki. I like Tite's style for Bleach for a awhile. Tetsuya Nomura too. Lots of Good names.

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Basically what I listed for if you can meet anyone and plus some more. Its hard for favorites because I am a hoarder to favorites. Just look at my folders and there is your proof I guess Ill let my favorite art works or users do the talking.
Soaring through the Clouds by Ry-SpiritRage by AquaSixioA Moment of Madness. by Em-j-akahanaMy Heart - Painting Demo by PeteMohrbacherKuroshitsuji:your life is mine by Futago-KawaiIVan-Edit:Print Available by BASSETSKETCHNoodle of the GORILLAZ by,smoke by Lord-KevinzVincent Valentine _GAME_OVER_ by Cataclysm-XOne Fish Two Fish by PandemoniumswingsGim Org by ViviphydCommission: Kagamine Len by muddymellyBabel 02 by duster132Tekkonkinkreet by TheCrimsonKyleblack by bonggoDarth Maul by NickyBarklaNaruto: Naruto Portrait by RisachantagGorillaz - Different roads by iricolorLittle Norian by treijim
If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
I have actually met alot of deviant artist, because of anime conventions. The person who did the zelda with the lady in gold crossover, Yuumei I have met several times since she goes to UC Berkely and so she is now kind of a Bay area local of Cali, slythertheskydragon, etc. Cosplayers too such as pinkminlink went to my current school but I met her more in alot of Sac animes, peachypie is someone I met at cons and so on. I even remeber the day DA staff toured and I actually walked right behind Heidi. I still have the bunches of swag from that day. I keep a ton of business cards on my desk as a collection.

Yuumei and Puppies by narutokunobessedMagic Armor TP Link by narutokunobessed

I think the coolest people would be like Kylee Henke or sonicrocksmysocks, teelgezus, Ry-Spirit in person, and wave/suzuran. The last three, I have talked online, but never met in person. And of course like a few concept artist like Sinix. I actually ran into a girl who sold his prints at fanime, but he wasn't there :(.
___Korra:AX by sinix
How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Well in a way, each person list or the ones I looked at, always impact something. Once you see something, even if you don't remember the name, you might remember or feel it in the future. Everything kind of does that and each one may of impacted my thinking. Some DA artist on the forums are pretty amazing too.

What are your preferred tools to create art?
I like mostly traditional, only because, I think my tablet isn't one to one when I draw digital. It feels a bit restrictive too and doesn't have that feel on paper.

Neverless, whatever gets the job done and depend on what its used for. In the end, again there isn't much of a preference other then what I feel at the current moment in time.

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My desktop, or my art room. I like either when mostly no on is around, because my familly doesn't understand art or art privacy, so I really like the night times for creating work. No one is awake, and I work mostly during that time.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Well just being here. I like commenting, and how I met soo many people here. I favorite lots of things and I have advertise for deviants to look in the stock and resource section. Love the small approval rating for generic audiences.
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16 Bit Self Portrait by narutokunobessed
16 Bit Self Portrait
I actually never looked at the smaller size for this pixel art, but it looks great :). Given the white outline is a bit much, but the everything else I love it.  

Im a little guilty cause I turn it in slightly late. Oh well, had fun, and listen to tons of 8Bit music.

At first I was going to make this in Illustrator, but then I saw that I want to do a bit of shading and so more of it was done in photoshop and then resized in Illustrator for the web.

Maybe I can do more for the future.
8Bit Self Portrait by narutokunobessed
8Bit Self Portrait
A class assignment for Visual Development, where I create a pixel icon of me. This was fun :).


Carissa Fei
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
"I do things because its the internet."
Name(s): Carissa (Sauchan) Fei, Rikako Kawashi, or Mae
Age: 21
Interests: manga, anime, watching funny videos on youtube, video games, drawing, painting
Favorites list:5cm per second, Tekkonkinkret, Hayao Myazak, Jrock, Jpop, KPop, soft music, rock, alternative, techno, Background music, soundtracks, Zelda Series, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry 3 (basically any hack and slash games XD), Angels, bible stories.
Favorite style of art: Anime, manga, realism, inbetweenism, painterly, Renaissance
Tools of the Trade: Adobe Design Suite CS4, Mechanical pencil, Acrylic and watercolor paints, inking pen, charcoal pencil, pencil

* Website:… (old and inactive)
* New Website and Portfolio:
Bitly link:
*Muro sketches:…
* Email:
* AIM: maeiounj39
* Yahoo: narutoneopetanimelove

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