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Gallery that has a variety of art mediums and almost all it is inspired by anime in someway. Also fan art is included.

I like to mix things (majorally unlike things) as if you haven't notice (example 9 years old and therapist). I hope you enjoy my random crap that goes in and out of my brain and into my art work. :D

Disclaimer: All characters are mine, and all fanart belongs to the original creators. Characters of mine may be allow to be used as some fanart, as long its not in a sexual presentation.



I have a love for alot of styles since being active for at least a year. I do like animations from japan, however I like painterly styles, ones with vibrant hues, and composition that has harmony as well. Photography if it has sploches of colors and a glowy feel to it, I will fav. Also I will fave things for reference I might use in the future. But other then these, there isn't a specific style I like.

*I warn u all Im a fav whore XD. Eventually later I may or may not comment.




Obon Festival Travel Poster by narutokunobessed
Obon Festival Travel Poster
The last Illustrator assignment we had to do in class. We are moving into flash. Its a good thing I learn a bit of after effect because most of it translates to symbols.

Some Critiques about this poster was the color pallet seems to indicate fire, and make the circle bigger, and simplify. I was doing my best to do this poster based on value, and I used Photoshop to check my grey scales, but it wasn't enough I guess. Based on the previous critique I made it darker, because the pallet was too bright for the lanterns. But now its not the right color and it looks like fire.
I really enjoyed this assignment more then the previous. Although yes I procrastinated again, I still felt it was alot easier then the panda one. Zombies, you can do anything with the anatomy and there isn't too much wrong. You can bend hands and it still looks like a zombie hand. But of course, adding some realism of anatomy and making sure shapes read is important.

I was also moderately surprise the group who critiqued it really liked it despite my messy shading.  Obviously the teacher was not a huge fan, because it wasn't layer how vectors are supposed to be. More cell shading, less brush strokes textures. 

This is the one I originally submitted before changes I did in class. 

In the end, I understand he just want all the student to have clean and less space as possible. Less anchor points, and neat and tidy to appeal to the professionals. 
My client actually forgave me. We are still go for the project. I'm happy he did. I should be able to work more this week. 

I mainly wrote this section to get it off my chess and a therapy type of thing to be written.
 One thing I did want to talk about was I actually kind of cried in class. I accidentally used my phone while he was lecturing and I don't know why I was doing that. I completely forgot why I was on Facebook, when he said, "Really, your texting in class?" And then I said, "I am sorry." I was sorely disappoint because he was the whole reason I came to this school and was the person I met for reviewing my portfolio. He reminded me of Jane when he was talking to my parents when I met him.  However, even as a great actor and appreciator, and several years of figure drawing, I still don't love those long hours sessions of gracefully capturing the figure in front of me. I tolerate it. Just like a cat doesn't think petting is great, but they tolerate it. 

This all boils up to what he said next. I didn't expect it from a teacher and even when I said sorry.

"You should BE!"

From right then and there, I just didn't want to be in figure drawing that day because I was just trying to suppressed my welled up tears.  I would of never expected a teacher to say something like that. He could of ended the conversation right then and there, but I just couldn't take it like that. In the middle of the drawing session, I wanted to go to the bathroom, but I cried in there just so I could be well enough emotionally to try and draw more. If I didn't cry out in the bathroom, I wouldn't of made it strongly after that. To help forget most of it, I went to take a nap at home after the class was over.

So basically, my toleration for that day to draw and come in, and my teacher I looked up to a bit, was what made me welled into tears. However, that wasn't the only thing; it reminds me of my mom. My mom has tiger mom characteristics, and so I kept imagining that what my mom would say. Kid like argument responses. Now I'm forever scarred as the girl who looked at her phone. To think I would love this teacher what I expected, he isn't Jane. Although he is a great, funny and crazy actor, I haven't love figure drawing yet. Its only slight better because I'm slowing down and working.  But you know, you opinion in colleges changes and I feel I just want to live. With my parents thinning the moolah I spend, not always loving my class, and everyone prowling to get a job at every opportunity to get a job, its a matter of time before my creativity sucks dry.

But again, everything has a silver lining. I am not as sad about it and by the next week I just focused on me. No one else matters. It will haunt me, but I just have to keep on going. You just gotta learns some to live some because that's the way art life goes.

Back to a high note, I went to a new gathering today. As a review, its not quite as big, but it's expected from the first gathering. The complaints were minor. One thing is that, I know there were volunteers but it didn't seem all that apparent. They kind of sat around and didn't do much other then the Raffle. I was helping a bit despite not being a volunteer, but you know, there were things to do. This also went into things they should of brought and forgot about. Like someone volunteered for cups, but they came way too late. They did bring a cooler, but it was not enough to fill all the sodas and so all the sodas weren't cold and the person refused to open the bag because they wanted to use that bag for ice, but again the person with the cups didn't show up later. Reorganizing the table.  But most importantly, the bugs came in. At the end of the day, I had to horde off 6 yellow jackets and successfully killing one with 2 plates (I want to illustrate this later). It was awful, as they dove in for the chicken. I was lucky that I didn't get stung and I felt like one of those fan Dancing girls from China. Those are jobs that volunteers should be doing.

And only like 20 people attended.

Thats pretty much the only bad, but I think as this gathering grows, the problems will be ironed out. I mean I had some type of fun. Check out this photo!

Yep, again I was noodles, but this time the El Manana Version. I am suprise how much the camera soften my face. Its so baby soft.  I was worried that I wouldn't get my boots, but I picked up some from the thrift store for $7! Although it doesn't look like hers in the video, it look good on the outfit. You can't expect find the exact pair that your looking for at the last minute.   But in the end, I had two people who liked my cosplay and one took a photo. I'm so glad for this wig and how it can work for different version of noodles. Now I also have a new pair of boots too.

Also had fun, when Gambit did some strumming on the guitar. He did hooked on a feeling, paramore, and a song from Guitar Hero World Tour. And of course eating the free food. I scored some free food to take home as well, including a delicious pasta salad. 
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Panda Asain Food Dingbats by narutokunobessed
Panda Asain Food Dingbats
Edit: I don't know why mature content was there. That was weird. I turned it off. I must of been really tired again.

Im proud that I worked through majority of the night to get these finished. Visually looks good, but definately could work more. Its more of now to finest these.

I look up lots of references for vectors of each item, the actual reference for colors, and Toriko as well. 


Carissa Fei
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
"I do things because its the internet."
Name(s): Carissa (Sauchan) Fei, Rikako Kawashi, or Mae
Age: 21
Interests: manga, anime, watching funny videos on youtube, video games, drawing, painting
Favorites list:5cm per second, Tekkonkinkret, Hayao Myazak, Jrock, Jpop, KPop, soft music, rock, alternative, techno, Background music, soundtracks, Zelda Series, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry 3 (basically any hack and slash games XD), Angels, bible stories.
Favorite style of art: Anime, manga, realism, inbetweenism, painterly, Renaissance
Tools of the Trade: Adobe Design Suite CS4, Mechanical pencil, Acrylic and watercolor paints, inking pen, charcoal pencil, pencil

* Website:… (old and inactive)
* New Website and Portfolio:
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* AIM: maeiounj39
* Yahoo: narutoneopetanimelove

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